The Final Days of Our Kickstarter

Stretch Goal Unlocked, The Mad Scientist has arrived!!


It’s finally here, the last days of our Kickstarter campaign and so much has happened.   Firstly, our current funding level has allowed us to unlock our first stretch goal, The Mad Scientist card.  This is a promo we had a fun time designing and are very excited that we get to include it.  We have more stretch goals that we are really excited about and want to unlock.

Media Attention

Next, the great folks over at did a story on RobotLab.  If you haven’t seen it go check it out and read it.  We are very thankful for all the nice stuff that they said about us.  Geek and Sundry have a ton of readers and it’s really a big deal to get exposed to that many people.

Social Challenges

Okay, last but not least, we introduced some exciting social goals.  By completing these tasks is another way for backers to unlock stretch goals, and we’re very excited to see all the activity surrounding them.

So many people have sent us pictures of their robot drawings and their selfies, a big thanks to Daniel Vicich, UnfairTheGame, Mike Poniatowski, Carie Varner-Faricelli and Brock Hall who completed the Original Robot Drawings Goal and Mike Pope, Debbie French, Linda Burlew Gold, Sean Clarke, Mike Poniatowski and Carrie Varner-Faricelli‎ the Robot Selfies Goal is now COMPLETE.  The only challenges left are either Videos or Social Goals. We can’t wait to see everyone dancing, singing and doing your best famous robot impersonation!  We have a ways to go on our social likes/followers goals, we’ve gained 170 Followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BGG since announcing the challenges. If you haven’t followed us on all four be sure to do so – hit the links at the bottom of our page to be directed there.

Again, thanks to everyone who has supported us, it really means a lot.  If you haven’t yet gone to Kickstarter to secure your copy, now is your chance to do it before we close on Sunday.  Head on over there and back us now!  Talk to you next time!

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